Superheroines vs. Superheroes pt 2

Some issues that will be brought up; which is better superheroines or superheroes, which is stronger, smart, more violent, and more protective, and why do male superheroes get their own live-action movie more than female superheroes.


Now obviously there are many different types of superheroes and superheroines, and that will be taken into consideration when comparing them. These three battles are about fighting skills, strength, and power, along with weaknesses. These battles show one gender doing better than the other.

Superman and Supergirl vs. Batman and Batgirl


In this battle, Batman and Batgirl fight Superman and Supergirl. Although Batman and Batgirl ultimately lose the battle they do have an edge over Superman and Supergirl. Which is Kryptonite, “Kryptonite is a fictional material from the Superman mythos—the ore form of a radioactive element from Superman’s home planet of Krypton. It is famous for being the ultimate natural weakness of Superman and most other Kryptonians, and the word Kryptonite has since become synonymous with an Achilles’ heel—the one weakness of an otherwise invulnerable hero.”–Wikipedia; which gives Batman and Batgirl an advantage over the super strong kryptonians, which would be completely weakened by the kryptonite. Now all superheroes have some weakness but Superman’s weakness is very well known. On the other hand Batman’s weakness is the fact that he is human.

Superman vs. Wonder Woman

In this video Wonder Woman completely defeats Superman in a hand to hand fight. She does not use any of Superman’s weakness just her fighting skills and her lasso.

Superman VS. Wonder Woman

Now the counter to Wonder Woman defeating Superman, as a female beating a male in a fight would be a male beating a female which happens when Green Lantern fights Star Sapphire, but this is not a fight of strength but a fight of power.

Green Lantern vs. Star Sapphire

Green Lantern VS. Star Sapphire

In the video above, Green Lantern fights his enemy and lover Star Sapphire and he wins. Their fight doesn’t involve hand to hand combat but a fight of Green Lantern’s Power Ring verses Star Sapphire’s “Zamaron star sapphire“, which is her power source, much like Green Lantern’s Power Ring.

Jean Grey VS. Professor X

In this Video, It shows Jean Grey aka Phoenix completely destroys a house along with Professor X. Professor X does not fight back because he is trying to help Jean retake control of her powers. Even though she ends up killing him, he dies with a smile on his fast. This is not a good example of female versus male in a fight because he does not fight back. He tries helping her, this shows the compassion heroes have. This is a good example of how powerful some of Marvel’s superheroines are, she killed him without touching.

When it comes to intelligence between Wonder Woman and Batman, they both have genius level intellect. When WDW  was asked which one is smarter they said “Both have pretty much Genius level intellect. If you mean who is the quicker learner than Diana has Bruce beat pretty easily. She can learn languages and advanced concepts in a matter of hours. If you mean who is the most creative with knowledge than Bruce has Diana beat.”–Comic Vine. I agree that there are different ways to use intelligence, being smart is not enough it is how you use the smarts.

Due to the fact that superheroine movies in the past have not been very good, movie makers have steered clear from them for years. Even recently superheroines have come forward to be more famous in recent years but they are still played second to male leads, like Black Widow to the rest of The Avengers and in the movie Iron Man 2 she was played second to Nick Fury and Tony Stark. Black Widow could carry her own movie about her mysterious back story before The Avengers with lots of action scenes. I think that would make a good movie with Hawkeye, and Nick Fury taking a backseat to her.

Black Widow - the-avengers Wallpaper

Another thing that comes in to play when it comes to superheroine movies is the thought that women don’t pay to see superheroine movies.   “There is an argument often made that women don’t go to comic book movies. If that were true, how can we explain the fiscal successes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Box office records are not broken by men going on their own. Women make up more than 50 per cent of the population of the world, and whether the studios like it or not, their cash is contributing to those figures. Whoever is in charge of what gets made in movieland may not like the facts, but that doesn’t change them.”–Rachael Kates. This point contradicts the idea that females don’t watch comic book movies, when done right I’m sure that both genders will go see these superheroine movies.  Unfortunately, that has not happened yet but maybe soon it will there are rumors of a Wonder Woman movie that will hopefully happen and be made well enough to bring about more superheroine movies.


So, when it comes to girls vs. boys in terms of superheroes, there is no clear winner. There are places where superheroines can step up and places where superheroes can take a step back to make them more equal.  Movie makers need to make more live-action superheroine movies for all the girls out there. They should also make them better. Young girls want superheroines to look up to just as much as young boys want superheroes to look up to.


3 thoughts on “Superheroines vs. Superheroes pt 2

  1. This is a very innovative blog topic. As I was growing up, I never read many comic books nor watched super hero movies. Due to this the question “Superman vs. Wonder Woman never has crossed my mind. I must mention that Superman’s name is Clark Kent. My name is Kent. Due to this I choose superman as the prevailing superhero.

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