Super Landry Day


Periodic Table of Superheroes

These are some pictures that I found online while looking for stuff for other blog posts. They are just funny or interesting pictures that I thought were cool but did not fit with what I was writing. Please enjoy!!!!!

The Birds of Prey are a DC comics group of superheroines, that came together after Batgirl got paralyzed and became Oracle.


The Birds of Prey

girls superheroes

    DC girls heroes and villains


Iron Girl

Superheroine movies have  not been very good in the past. Movies like Catwoman with Halle Berry did not really have much to do with the DC comics that the name came from. This video Gives part of a review two boys did for this movie.  


Another movie based on a Superheroine is Elektra with Jennifer Garner playing the main character. The movie mixes magic and ninjas and is kind of confusing. Here is a review of Elektra.

Elektra  The actress playing these superheroines are good actress in their own right but the story lines that go in to these movies and the special effects just ruin the movies.

Which Superheroine do think needs their own movie?


3 thoughts on “Super-Pictures

  1. Like always, love your post! I especially love the one titled “Periodic Table of Superheroes”, which I find out that the elements and the superheroes are matched with their initials. I did watch the movie Elektra before, and I find the plot is not very interesting. Although the costumes do look nice.

  2. I think there should be a Raven movie. Therefore, DC could do a Teen Titans related movie. Plus, she’s not strongly connected to the more famous male heroes, and she was the reason one version of the Teen Titans formed together.

  3. To be quit honest I think I’m the only person in the world that actually like the Catwoman movie 0_o I wished it would’ve turned out better I feel like it would’ve been interesting if Halle Berry never did Catwoman and instead played her in Dark Knight

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