Spider Man

So today in one of my classes Spider Man was brought up while on a break. And this became a heated debate about this superhero.Spider-Man_actors

When you really think about it Spider Man is a teenage boy in a costume how can shoot webs and swing from buildings but if belittle him a little more you see he is Tarzan in a city. Both swing from tall objects, save people, and have a girl on their arm.tarzanvsspiderman CLH1.CA.0e.1222.spider3.0.1

I don’t want to insult anyone but this is kinda true. And if you put Tarzan or Spider Man in say a farm, there is not much to swing on out there. They might just end up like this…tarzanvsSpiderman3.

Like I said this not to offend anyone just a realization, that came about in class, that I wanted to share. I still like watching Spider Man movies and the occasional cartoon.